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Things to do in Central Park

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Central Park offers a number of things to do for all visitors to the city of New York. This place has about 840 acres of land space alone. You would come across a whole lot of things right from the Shakespeare in the part to the Central Park concerts. There are also bird watching and carousel rides among other things to be done at the Central Park.
One of the things you can do at Central Park is to ride a boat around the Lake. When you head to Loeb Boathouse, there is the chance to rent a boat and then row it around the lake which is seen as the largest water body here. Each of the row boats would be able to hold up to like 4 passengers. For those who are even looking out for things which are more tolerant, there are available gondola rides which would be for $30 per half hour from 2 – 9 pm. The various boats are available from the 15 April – 31 October depending on the weather.
Apart from this you can also see a Central Park Concert. All through the summer, there are a number of musical concerts at the Park. For those who like classical or popular music, there would surely be something for you to choose from. With these concerts you would be able to enjoy the best of picnics at the park. When you spend time at the picnic, you would surely feel like a New Yorker. Here there is the opportunity to shop for provisions at the best of New York City Market and you can relax and see people enjoying the finest of drinks and food at the same time. The two most populous places at the picnic would be the Great Lawn and the Sheep Meadow which are in high demand. However you can still go around and find other places to spend the time.
One of the finest of attractions here is the Central Park Carousel. Therefore you can ride the Central Park Carousel which has been there since 1950. This one is purely hand painted and comes with the biggest of hand carved figures. The various rides are for $2 both for children and adults. This one is located at the mid park near the 65th Street/6th Avenue here in New York.
Indeed when you get to Central Park here in New York, there are a whole lot of things you would get to partake in. Everyone who visits this place has very fond memories of the place because of the variety of things that are available to be done here. Apart from all of these one can take part in street performances and skate boarding which are of dire interest to so many people. The fact of the matter is that all of these street performances would hold you spellbound throughout the entire period of your stay here at the Central Park.
Of all the activities that you may want to take part in at the Central Park, you can never do away with watching the Conservatory Water. This is one of the finest of water bodies you would ever come across in the whole of New York City. Indeed as you take part in watching this fine water with others, you would be fascinated about the sort of excitement all around. No matter where you are coming from, there would surely be something around for you to take part in whether for adults or for children.