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Central Park Sights : The Mall

There are several parks dotted around the world which cannot boast of adequate attractions like a mall. However when you get to the city of New York and more specifically Central Park, you would get to see places like Strawberry Fields, Delacorte Theater, Belvedere Castle, Conservatory Garden, Sheep Meadow, Bethesda Terrace and The Mall. The Mall is found on the way that leads to the fascinating Bethesda Terrace. It goes through the center of the park from the 66th to the 72nd Street. Indeed it is the only formal feature of the Vaux’s and Olmsted natural creations. When you look at the northern part, there is the Terrace Bridge and the Olmsted Flower Bed is found just directly at the southern part of the Mall.


Previously the Central Park Mall was popularly known as an ‘open air hall of reception’ by the creators. It was then specifically designed in order to withstand the widths of carriages that were mostly going through its sections. Just at the beginning of the century, all of these various carriages would then drop their rich inhabitants at the starting point of the Mall. Here they would enjoy the natural scenery and then socialize with the locals who were of lower status. When the visitors then got to the Bethesda Terrace, the carriages would be there ready and waiting to bring them to the next destination.


These days The Mall is still very much a popular gathering place that is filled with street performers, roller bladers and skate boarders among others. As they stroll along the path, all the various visitors would get to see a huge number of America elm trees. At that time what was really a popular activity was the plating of trees which are very much rare these days. When you get to the Central part of the Mall it boasts of one of the biggest of plantations ever in the American elm.


Aside all that we have talked about; there is what we call The Literary Walk which is normally found at the southern part of the Mall. It is interesting to note but this one contains the statues of very popular and well known figures of literature. These would include Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and of course William Shakespeare among others. Surely your time spent at this lovely place would ensure that you leave the Central Park very excited.


When we talk about The Mall we are referring to one of the most interesting places in the Central Park of New York City. The fact of the matter is that it is able to attract a whole lot of visitors all year round because of the exciting nature of the place. For those who are coming from a far away place there are a whole lot of transport options for you to choose from. However it would better to use the flying option before either choosing the rail or road options.


The fact of the matter is that those coming from long distances need to sort out their accommodation issues before getting here. For some of them you would have to place a reservation well in advance on the internet which is very convenient. With this you would then have to make payments online using any of the secured electronic payment platforms. There is no doubt about the kind of warmth and excitement that you would be feeling as you enter and spend time at this place. It is indeed open to people of all age groups whether adults or children from all walk of life.