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Summer Stage - Central Park concert area

The conservancy crews of the central park take care of the 250 acres of green lawns, 24000 trees as well as the water bodies inside the park. In order to maintain the woodlands, there are special arrangements made by the park management officials. Summer stage is one of the key attractions that people fall for in this locality. Variety of events and musical concerts grace the ocassion to be highly meritorious and impressive enough for the entire visiting crowd. The events that take place are scheduled well in ahead and advertised in the website as well. Newsletters about the events calendar are sent to the registered members that are enrolled in the official website of the central park.
Last year the summer stage was quite excellent with variety of attractions in the central park. The foremost evening started with the event of "Night at the central park Caravanserai: The Tales of Wonder” it featured Yo-Yo Ma as well as the The Silk Road Ensemble  and also the Silk Road that Connect the Students and Friends. There is enough craze among the students and friends of various age group to join the summer stage right from the opening day event. It is an evening of music, romance, drama, fun and frolic. Art and stories as well as music from cellos are part and parcel of the attractions.
Last time it was the third year for the istanbulive and they are expected to continue this summer stage as well. So is the case of the bluenote jass festival too. One of the grand events that held on the June Sunday was the 9th cine festival of the Brazil petrobras. It was a great event enjoyed by one and all of the visitors. The next Wednesday was the Reggie Watts along with the special guest of the event Natasha Leggero. People were in all laurels for the Hilarious, brilliant, jubiliant, unpredictable star comedian/musician as well as a class artist, Reggie Watts. He was found to be a staple of the whole international performance scene. Similarly there were a lot more attractions such as the Hugh masekela of the South Africans, and the lee fields show.
It was on the next Wednesday around 8 o clock the "Comedy Central Park" event took place which was starring Jim Gaffigan along with the special guest of the event John Pinette.this year Comedy Central Park could be said as ready for its 6th straight year for celebrating the evening at free comedy along with the New Yorkers.
Concert center tickets could be obtained in very many ways. It could be reserved in advance by visiting the central park office directly. One could get it done online as well. The dates for the start of booking tickets are announced well ahead of the event.  Anyone who likes to purchase the tickets should be alert on these specified dates. Get them marked on your calendars well in advance to not to forget to do the booking right away.

Ticket would be sold in almost no time. It will be hard to get one later on when it is very close to the launch of the summer stage event. Most of the participants in the program are students from some of the top most universities in the locality. They are keen towards getting their tickets in bulk quantities. They rush and book their tickets well in advance than most other age group of visitors. There are VIP passes as well which could be obtained directly from the offices on personal visit to the central park office.

Co9000 benches are there all in all in the central park. 26 ball field and also about 21 different playgrounds are available in this one stop fun spot. 55 sculptures are to be preserved with care. The monuments and the bridges are to be taken care as well. Maintenance of the park is not easy at all. Graffiti removal alone is a tedious task out here. Visitors cannot be kept under hundred percent surveillance all the time.

Hidden cameras could not be handy enough in such petty issues. You cannot spend time in finding out people and penalizing them for petty issues. Still, 24 hours is the ultimate time given for any graffiti removal work all throughout the central park? The amount of trash collected in a year exceed 5 million pounds altogether. Central park provides the horticultural support to all the other city parks in the New York City.