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Central Park Sights : Strawberry Fields

In terms of tourist attractions in the city of New York the Central Park is one of the most visited. One of such attractions here is the Strawberry Fields. This is a fabulous park that is found just near the western side of the park between the 71 and 71 streets. It is a 2.5 acre area that pays glowing tribute to the peace activist, musician, songwriter and singer the later Beatle, John Lennon. It was at the Dakota Apartments here that he was murdered. Therefore in order to mark his life the City Council Member at the time designated that this area be known as Strawberry Fields which is the favorite part for the couple.
It is important to note that this was after a song composed by the Beatles known as the ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and it is this region of the park that was re-designed with the assistance of Bruce Kelley the architect. As part of the design, there is a fabulous and remarkable black and white Imagine Mosaic that was done by a team of artists from Naples in Italy. This one lies at the heart of the Strawberry Fields. It would interest you to note that this one was named after the popular song by John Lennon, ‘Imagine’ which very much brings to the fore a vision and hope for world that has no conflict, war and strife. Moreover there is a bronze plaque that has more than 120 nations which planted flowers and also donated some amounts of money in order to support the area’s maintenance. Indeed they have endorsed this particular place as a Garden of Peace.
The Strawberry Fields has been designated as a quiet zone or section in the New York Central Park. Also the Fields has been designed in similar fashion to the flowing nature of its environs. Indeed you would come across a line of rocks, flowers, shrubs and very tall elm trees all displaying the beauty of what nature has to offer. You have to note that this place was officially reopened in the year 1985 which was the forty fifth anniversary of the birth of John Lennon. Also every year on the 9th October and also on the death anniversary of this man, fans and visitors alike from all over the world go to the Strawberry Fields in order to pay their respects and homage to the legacy of the Beatles.
The interesting thing is that this is a place that is open to adults as well as children no matter the age. There is a lot about nature that the children stand to benefit from here. Indeed the Strawberry Fields attracts huge patronage from the entire public around the world. For those who are coming from other countries there are varieties of transport options that are available for you to choose from. When you get to the city of New York you can then make use of the rail or road transportation systems that are in abundance.
The fact of the matter is that The Strawberry Fields has received very high ratings over the years and as such gets numerous visitors each and every year. There is the need to be adequately prepared especially if you want to stay for more than one day in this place. There are varieties of accommodation options available to choose from. For some of them there is the need to make advance bookings on the internet before getting here. This is done by most people in order to avoid any disappointments. Surely your days here would be exciting and interesting.