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Central Park Sights : Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Everyone is aware of the prominent name Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the wife of john Kennedy, the former president of the United States of America. She started her career as a fashion icon. After her husbands assassination she got married to a shipping magnate named Onassis and that gentleman also died in the year   1975. She became a book editor after the demise of her second husband and she got a lot of accolades and felicitations for her works as an editor. On her remembrance, the central park reservoir was earlier called as the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir. In due course of time, as years passed on, they called it to be the central park reservoir too.

Jacqueline Kennedy is no more now. She is famous for so many reasons as stated above and the reservoir is something that is posing her name in the history book of records as a remembrance of the great personality. Central park otherwise has too many attractions and enough number of places to be visited from within. One of the cool destinations of such a kind is the central park reservoir too. People that visit the central part, plan out earlier on how they should effectively cover maximum number of attractive spots to be visited in the park. The 843 acres landscape is not something that is to be completely witnessed in a short span of time altogether. Moreover, the number of attractions inside in different parts of the central park are also quite too many. One should take time and visit places every now and then whenever they get time to visit this cool destination. In that way, even after a year, you will certainly have something or the other that are yet to be watched out in this amazing locality. The reason is that the management is so inclined about bringing in new attractions to the spot. It is considered to be one of the essential tourist attractions of the country as a whole and not just for the New York City alone. The popularity of the central park is quite astounding as the whole world knew about it already. There are so many other parks that are opened up in different parts of the country based on the inspiration of the central park. Still, nothing could supersede the number of attractive features that the central park has got to offer to its visitors.

The central park reservoir is nothing but the JKO reservoir as well. It is decommissioned already. It is situated in the borough of Manhattan in the city of newyork, United States of America. The span of the reservoir is about 106 acres altogether. It provides as a source of Water for the pool and no more contributions to the water supply in the newyork city. The jogging track by the side of this reservoir for about two and a half kilometers has made it renowned by all. The popularity is a word of mouth spread awareness created by the joggers in this track. Tourists love to spend time around this arena in special. The blooming cherries in the background give a great ambience for the tourists to watch out the scenic beauty and elegance of the whole locality while they trim their structure as a whole by jogging around.

It is a favorite venue for the bird watchers as a lot of range of bird species tends to visit this place during season time. It is regarded as one of the prominent ecological sanctuaries that are situated in and around the park. The reservoir was constructed in the year 1862. The project started four years earlier to its finishing year. The architecture was made by Vaux and Fredrick law. Pump houses are designed by these gentlemen earlier. Granite facings were installed for this purpose in the Manhattan region. They never used it as a collection reservoir. The reservoirs purpose was to transfer the water from the croton to Manhattan. It was decommissioned in the year 1993 after saving the public for almost 131 years approximately. Contamination was the problem attributed as the reason for the decommissioning. Jacqueline used to enjoy jogging out here in these tracks during her stay in her apartment in the fifth avenue. It is why they gave the name after her to the reservoir as a matter of courtesy.