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  • Strawberry Fields

  • Bethesda Fountain

  • Cherry Hill

  • The Mall

  • Bow Bridge

  • Wollman Rink

Central Park Pedicab Tour

Central Park pedicab tours are very popular nowadays. You can see lots of famous places of the park without need to peddle. Just sit, lay back and your tour guide will show and tell you everything.

Here is a brief list of places you will see on Central Park Pedicab Tour:

The Mall
The Mall is the only big straight road in the park. It is the most movie featuring places in Central Park. Kramer vs Kramer, Harry met Sally, Autumn in New York, Big Daddy - these and many more movies have episodes at the mall. It's amazingly beautiful place for the pictures too.

Strawberry Fields

The memorial to John Lennon was built in 1986 and till today attracts thousands of fans who want commemorate the memory of John Lennon. The heart of Strawberry Fields is Imagine mosaic which was donated by Florence designer and consists of 11 thousand pieces.

Bethesda Fountain
You can remember this gorgeous place from such movies as Enchanted, Ransom, Friends With Benefits, Home Along 2. Fountain was designed by Emma Stebbins and is one of the symbols of the park.

Summer Stage
Summer Stage is the place for free concerts.