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Park Attractions

Central Park is the center of New York City's island Manhattan. It's America's most famous city park and one of the most famous parks in the entire world. Central Park is the first landscaped park in US history. It was opened for public use in the Winter of 1859. The real estate value of Central Park was estimated to be more than 5 hundred billion dollars. It is 26 thousand trees, 9 thousand benches, 36 bridges, 21 playgrounds, 275 types of birds, 125 drinking fountains, 7 ornamental fountains, 843 acres and 27 million visitors a year.


Top 7 Places To See In Central Park

Bethesda Fountain

Strawberry Fields

Bow Bridge

Belvedere Castle

Wollman Rink/Victorian Gardens

The Mall

Cherry Hill


Top 7 Movies Filmed in Central Park

Love Story


Date Night

The Avengers

Breakfast at Tiffany's

When Harry Met Sally

Home Alone 2


Statues of Central Park

Christopher Columbus - explorer

Tomas Moore - Irish Poet

Walter Scott - Novelist

Hans Christian Andersen - Story Teller

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Robert Burns - Poet and Song Writer

Balto - Sled Dog

Beethoven - Composer.


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