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NYC museums: Museum of Natural History

Some of the special exhibitions as well as the events that take place in the natural history museum are quite amazing and greatly attractive as well. If you notice the speed with which the tickets are sold out for these events, then you could understand the worth of being a part of the audience for the shows. Consider for example the current famous event, beyond planet earth. It is all about the future of the space exploration. One would get a great idea about the robotic missions of the latest kind.

Robotic missions that are sent to explore the universe are never seen before something for the common man. Even though we pose little knowledge about these technical aspects, it is quite interesting to observe their findings. Something like building an elevator for the lunar space is all quite entertaining and also through provoking at the same time. The remarkable heights that the human kind has scaled in the field of science and technology could be wondered by seeing some of these visuals in the natural history museum. Some more details like what it takes to deflect the deadly asteroids that quickly travel at enormous speeds towards the earth.

The planet earth is not all safe places for the human community that there will not be any disturbance to the survival at any point of time. The asteroids in the universe are quite numerous and these massive stones equivalent to the sizes of earth at times could even hit the planet at times. Even if a remote part of the planet is hit by these heavy, huge, fastest, travelling asteroids, earth might completely collapse into pieces. Imagine the plight of all of us then. The whole of the human race as well as most other living things that exist in planet earth would be destroyed in just a shortest span of time.

Man with his enormous amount of intelligence has learnt to acquire control over the universal forces too. He has found means and measures to divert the fast approaching asteroids towards the earth. Continuous surveillance of the space movements is being done by important space research centers to rightly identify any potential trouble to the planet. Trillions of dollars of money is being spent towards such research aspects to safeguard the human community as a whole. It is all well explained and informed through these shows and it is quite astonishing to watch these things. It is quite sizzling feel as a matter of fact.

Another show about the travel to the planet mars was quite exciting as well. Similarly, there are other events such as the space show and so on. The space show is all about the exciting and thrilling ordeal of the astronauts on their travel to the stars. Imagine about travelling 13 billion years straight into the past universe. It is when the foremost stars were born in the universe. These are narrated in an excellent attractive fashion. Similarly, other places such as the butterfly conservatory or the IMAX are great attractions of the museum.

The tropical forest environment possessing more than about 500 different species of butterflies is a certain treat to watch. Conservation of the butterflies is the theme behind the show. It is quite stunning to know the so many varieties of butterflies that do exist in the different habitats.

The orphaned orangutans are the protagonists in the IMAX show. Elephants along with some of the extraordinary people that are quite capable of raising these orangutans and rescuing them from the attack of their arch rivals are explained in these shows. They call it as born to be wild. The name is best suiting the show and it is a treat to watch especially for the children. The teens are glued to the movie right from the say go.

Likewise, the number of attractions in the natural history museum is quite unlimited and it cannot be completely explained in just one page or so. One has to take time, plan and visit the museum to be completely enthralled with the visit to this cool destination. There are very few places in the world that could be as exciting as this museum, to be liked by everyone.