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Central Park Sights : Bethesda Fountain

Each and every day we witness thousands of people visiting the Central Park here in New York City. This is because of the fact that it is made up of many attractions and events to take part in. One of such fabulous attractions is the Bethesda Fountain which has gained national acclaim. Let us therefore take a closer look at some of the vital things relating to this important tourist structure. You would be able to locate this magnificent structure at Mid-Park at the 72nd Street In the city of New York.

Central Park Sights : Conservatory Water

One of the most visited cities ever in the world is that of New York City. This is because it has some of the best tourist attractions you would ever come across in the world. One of such places is the Central Park in New York City. All year round, the place records tremendous numbers in terms of attendance each and every day. Here you would find a number of things to do and take part as you spend your leisure time. One of such is the Conservatory Water which is very attractive.

Central Park Sights : The Mall

There are several parks dotted around the world which cannot boast of adequate attractions like a mall. However when you get to the city of New York and more specifically Central Park, you would get to see places like Strawberry Fields, Delacorte Theater, Belvedere Castle, Conservatory Garden, Sheep Meadow, Bethesda Terrace and The Mall. The Mall is found on the way that leads to the fascinating Bethesda Terrace. It goes through the center of the park from the 66th to the 72nd Street. Indeed it is the only formal feature of the Vaux’s and Olmsted natural creations.

Central Park Sights : Wollman Rink

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Central Park is one of the most visited of tourist attractions in the city of New York. Apart from all that you get to see in this park, there are a host of activities that one can participate in. One of such is that of skating and this takes place at the fine Wollman Skating Rink. This is where you would find New York at its best as you glide gracefully over the ice. It would surely be under a sky that is star-encrusted and at the same time surrounded by the splendor of your Manhattan.

Central Park Sights : Strawberry Fields

In terms of tourist attractions in the city of New York the Central Park is one of the most visited. One of such attractions here is the Strawberry Fields. This is a fabulous park that is found just near the western side of the park between the 71 and 71 streets. It is a 2.5 acre area that pays glowing tribute to the peace activist, musician, songwriter and singer the later Beatle, John Lennon. It was at the Dakota Apartments here that he was murdered.

First Visit to Central Park

There is a whole number of occasions all year round where one can take a visit to the Central Park here in New York City. However one of the most famous seasons where people visit Central Park especially for the first time is that of spring. As you take a drive through Manhattan you can easily take a lot of pictures especially with focus on a stretch that is called the Met to the Meer. This is a fascinating, diverse and beautiful landscape that extends along the east side of the Park. This would be right from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then to the Harlem Meer to the north.

Things to do in Central Park

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Central Park offers a number of things to do for all visitors to the city of New York. This place has about 840 acres of land space alone. You would come across a whole lot of things right from the Shakespeare in the part to the Central Park concerts. There are also bird watching and carousel rides among other things to be done at the Central Park.

Central Park Sights : Belvedere Castle

When you get to New York City, one of the finest of attractions here is the Central Park. Here we have the Belvedere Castle which is very much ancient in origin. It means ‘beautiful view’ and provides just what the name implies. Basically there are two balconies which offer very great views of the fabulous Central Park with all its fantastic landmarks. These would include the Ramble, Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn and the Delacorte Theater.


Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo extends you the opportunity to mingle with the jungle for a while. Most of us are fantasized by the forest attractions right from our childhood either it be the flora or fauna that are part and parcel of these forests. The habitats, the climatic conditions, and the presence of other living creatures determine the population of a certain species in a specific forest. Certain parts of the world are famous for best wild life of variety kind and most of those are of tropical climatic conditions.

Central Park Sights : Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Hudson River Bikeway – cycling heaven for New Yorkers

Right along the eastern course of the newyork city, the Hudson River flows from the northern part of it towards the south tip. The total stretch is about five hundred kilometers. One of the most attractive and exciting areas is the mount Marcy slope. The prominent spot out here is the lake tear – clouds. One would find it to be a heavenly spot especially during the summer.

NYC museums : Museum of Modern Art

Museums are believed to be custodians of the historical moments which are mostly a source of inspiration for future development. This why they are established and maintained in order to preserve the positive aspects of the history which deserve to be passed on to the next generations. For the same reason, besides many other public buildings like libraries and study centers, museums are now given their due share of importance and attention. This is not only important to establish new museums but also to maintain the existing ones.

NYC museums: Guggenheim Museum

NYC museums : Metropolitan Museum

The metropolitan museum is one of the world renowned museums of arts. The amount of visitors to this museum are too may during the season time in the New York City. The collections in the centre have great historical significance. One would not forget the overall experience of having visited this wonderful museum for all their lifetime3. Research work could be carried out based on the historical evidences that are available in these museums. There are so many historians and geographical analysts that spend adequate time in researching the collections in this museum.

NYC museums: Museum of Natural History

Some of the special exhibitions as well as the events that take place in the natural history museum are quite amazing and greatly attractive as well. If you notice the speed with which the tickets are sold out for these events, then you could understand the worth of being a part of the audience for the shows. Consider for example the current famous event, beyond planet earth. It is all about the future of the space exploration. One would get a great idea about the robotic missions of the latest kind.

Places to cycle in NYC : Brooklyn Bridge

Places to cycle in NYC: Prospect Park

Prospect parks 3.35 mile drive way would attract the cyclists of all kind for sure. You could be impressed with the condition of the drive way as well as the scenic surrounding beauty and elegance to keep admiring while riding on your course. You will certainly stay afresh all the time in spite of hardcore cycling. You will have to stay in the appropriate lane strictly while you are riding in these drive ways. You need to make sure that you would not panic in the sounds of the screaming automobiles that pass by your side.

Summer Stage - Central Park concert area