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NYC museums: Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum is located in the fifth avenue where Jacqueline Kennedy lived in a nearby apartment. It is close to the central park reservoir that was decommissioned in the year 1993 for the issue of contamination problems. The museum also has its branches in Berlin and Italy too. The trust is all one and the same and the works travel from one place to the other for exhibition and prominence of the collections. In that way, a lot of archaeologists, historians and socialists have been benefited all over the world. One might not get the opportunity to visit all the three museums in all their lifetime. Still, if you are a local person in any one of these areas, then you certainly do have the opportunity to witness all those rare exhibits that are part and parcel of the Guggenheim Museums in the other places. Members of this community are highly benefited in this ways. There are lots of events that take place in the Guggenheim Museum. The upcoming events are quite interesting and there is a lot of craze amidst youngsters to not miss any of these prominent shows. One of the salient aspects of the Guggenheim Museum, is it unique beauty. The recent restoration process has added to the original beauty of the construction of the Guggenheim Museum. One should certainly visit this Guggenheim Museum at least once in their lifetime.

It is called as the solomen r.guggeneheim museum by the newyorkers proudly. It is an asset to the city as well as the whole of the human kind. The numbers of events that take place in this museum are quite amazing. The Charles program about performances, works and the processes in this month will be quite awesome. Box Office: 212 423 3587 is the rank of the event. One could imagine the worth of it then. The fees are about 30 dollars for the civilians and the members could come in with the discount. It would be 25 dollars for the members. Students are granted entry into the event for just 10 bucks. The students of the doctoral category that exceeds age 25 are not allowed this concessional entry though. The show was presented by the New York premiere Charles wuorinen. It could be one of the greatest hilarious comedy dramas. It was about the seven poems by Pulitzer. New York Times has given its felicitations already to the cast as simply superb. Additional laurels also gained as dramatically astute in performance. Hence it is worth watching this upcoming event in the museum.

Member’s parties are conducted frequently as well in the museum. You could join the next forthcoming event of john chamberlain. It is called the choices. The exhibition constitutes more than 100 different kinds of works. The iron rod sculptures of the early stages and the foil creations that are made in the recent years in large quantities are some of the salient exhibits in the show. All the family members could participate early to enjoy the numerous family activities that are particularly meant for the members families. It is full of fun along with live music and also cash bar schemes for the members alone.  The family hours are restricted between 6 and 7.30 p.m.

The recent changes that happened in the museum in the years 2005 until 2008 are quite noteworthy though. The exterior restoration process has added on well to the beauty of the museum as a whole. The initial phase was to assess whether the structure is basically stronger enough to do the restoration process further. It was not done overnight by a few people but a solid experienced crew of structural engineers, architects and conservators that all worked together in unison as a preservation project. The assessment was done after removal of 11 coats of the paints to find out the original surface of the wall. There were numerous cracks that had erupted in all these years so far. They attribute the reasons to be the seasonal temperature fluctuation in the New York City. It took about 17 months for them to watch out these cracks and assess the actual strength. Impact echo technology was the inspirational technology that was used to determine vital parameters for essential calculations.