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First Visit to Central Park

There is a whole number of occasions all year round where one can take a visit to the Central Park here in New York City. However one of the most famous seasons where people visit Central Park especially for the first time is that of spring. As you take a drive through Manhattan you can easily take a lot of pictures especially with focus on a stretch that is called the Met to the Meer. This is a fascinating, diverse and beautiful landscape that extends along the east side of the Park. This would be right from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then to the Harlem Meer to the north. This is the area that has been restored by the Central Park Conservancy which was founded in the year 1980. This is a group that has made tremendous strides in restoring this Park to its splendor after years of neglect.
The restoration of this famous place you would discover is built on the fantastic historical and horticultural zone. This was done with the use of Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted who were the Park organizers. You would notice that there are disparate landscapes that have been connected to each other to form the Park. Each and every year another set of 5,000 cubic yards of wood mulch is produced from the shrub and tree clippings. This is then recycled and taken back to the landscapes of the Park using the projects of the Conservancy. This Park is very much home to the popular Conservatory Garden which is the venue for annual fun Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon. All the women who attend this event put on the fantastic hats for this event.
For your first visit to the Central Park you would get to see the Tropic zone which is the rainforest here. When you look up and down there are several platforms are different levels that help you to discover the animal life in all forms of layers of the walk right through the rainforest habitat. You would surely view the tortoises crawl all over the ground while the birds fly overhead and near. The lemurs would also be around to leap through the canopy. In recent times there has been a magnificent renovation that has enhanced the appearance of several portions of this famous Park. This summer 2011, work began in the restoration of the Reservoir East section which is very much impressive. There is also a restoration of the Great Lawn that comes with w plush expanse of green which is the preferred spot or area for many New York summer season picnics.
Apart from all these there is also the Tisch Childrens Zoo. This is very fabulous as you are offered a walk through the wildlife adventure which awaits all young explorers. This is a very compact nature trail that features a barnyard completely full of friendly alpacas and sheep and meandering duck pond. There are also a lot of places for little hands and a feet hop, climb and scuttle.
You would also come across the finest of temperate territories. It would interest you to know that the wildlife that lives within the temperate zone would have to adapt to the variable climate and changing seasons. You would surely come across these animals that are adaptable across the temperate trail. This would include red pandas, snow monkeys and even the Central Park Zoo goers among others.
All of these go to show that your very first visit to the Central Park would be a worthwhile moment to remember and cherish.