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Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo extends you the opportunity to mingle with the jungle for a while. Most of us are fantasized by the forest attractions right from our childhood either it be the flora or fauna that are part and parcel of these forests. The habitats, the climatic conditions, and the presence of other living creatures determine the population of a certain species in a specific forest. Certain parts of the world are famous for best wild life of variety kind and most of those are of tropical climatic conditions. In that way, it is not possible to find all kinds of animals, birds and natural vegetation in a particular region. Typically, a few species would be ideally suitable for a particular forest habitat. From that perspective, to see a wide range of wildlife of different countries, all in one single destination is something really amazing and rare as well. One such fabulous destination is the central park zoo.


The Coney Island is an interesting destination for not only the kids and teens but also an entertaining spot for all those nature lovers. The New York aquarium is found to be a wonderful spot for the extensive range of undersea wild life. The latest attraction is the conservation hall exhibit and it is getting prominent for featuring some of the amazing aquatic life. Right from the coral reefs to the blue lagoons, the flood filled forests, everything is part of it. Trainers are there for the penguins, sea otters and the walruses and the visitors could be see the training sessions live. Feeding demonstrations are quite interesting for one and all. The aqua theater is specially meant for this purpose and one will not realize on how fast the time passes away in this part of the world.


The operating hours between November and March are during the regular hours between 10 and 4. There are no holidays at all and one could enter confidently on day of the week. The peak season when the visitors flurry in is just during the April and may months of the year. In this short span of time the zoo operating hours are also extended until 5 in the evening. Moreover, if it is a holiday or weekends then it would be opened all until 5.30 pm as well. The reason for closing it earlier is because of the simple fact that it is not advisable to stay inside the zoo after dark. It will be extremely hard for the management staff to keep track of the visitor’s movements and to ensure their safety.


One of the coolest locations that are quite easily accessible as well through mass transit is just this fabulous zoo in the area of Brooklyn, Newyork.  One should plan their trip to the place well in advance and get directions accordingly as well. It is to make the best out of your trip to be all exciting all through out the sojourn out here.


One would wonder really about the availability of dining options as it would certainly add on to the fun as well. The sea side cafĂ© is opened all through out the year and one can get all that they want from here. You like it hot or cold, it is served as per your choice. Extensive range of seafood,  hot and cold beverages could be bought from this cafeteria. During the summer season, one could find a lot of vending machines on the way that would be ideal to grab a snack on need.


Marine explorers find it to be a wonderful destination to conduct their extensive research works and study. There are special educational programs that are available for these aspirants of all age group. The fees structure is quite nominal and it is obviously to encourage actively more number of participants into such great ventures. After the school workshops, the summer camps and much variety of programs are available for the children. Interactive learning is enabling in that way that will pave way for the hands on discovery.  Any kind of programs that one would like to participate needs reservations to be made well in advance.