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Central Park Bicycle Tour
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2 Hour Tour

  • Strawberry Fields

  • Bethesda Fountain

  • Belvedere

  • Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir

  • Bow Bridge

  • Wollman Rink

Central Park Bike Tour

Central Park is one of the most famous places to visit while in New York. It's gorgeous, it's popular, but it is too big to walk. Bicycle is the best way to explore Central Park. With our Bike Tours you will see the most famous places of Central Park, you will know all the history of this amazing place, you will take hundreds of pictures, you will see dozens of Hollywood movie locations. After this tour you will know Central Park better than New Yorkers do!

Enough talk! Here is the list of some of the places we will cover during Central Park Bike Tour:

Bethesda Fountain
Bethesda Fountain and Terrace is one the main symbols of Central Park. It is its geographical and architectural center and the most movie featuring place in Central Park, and one of the most filmed places in the whole New York City.  Autumn in New York, Ransom, Home Alone 2, Enchanted are among them.

Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields is outstanding memorial to world-famous singer, songwriter and peace activist - John Lennon. Even today Strawberry Fields is one of the most visited places in the park which attracts thousands of people who come here to commemorate the memory of the famous musician. The heart of Strawberry Fields is Imagine Mosaic which consists of eleven thousand pieces.

Bow Bridge
It's hard to believe but Central Park is home to more than thirty bridges. Bow Bridge is the oldest and most famous of them. You've Got Mail, Uptown Girls and Spiderman had episodes right here! The bridge is popular among brides who come to the park for wedding photo sessions. Definitely one of the most beautiful places in the park and on the best ones to take pictures at!
Belvedere Castle
The castle is like something out of a movies or fairy tale. Walking around its three levels offers up some terrific and highest views of the park and surrounding cityscape. 'Belvedere' translates to 'beautiful view' in Italian. The Turtle Pond alongside offers one more beautiful view - the turtles swimming around or sunning on the rocks. Your camera is must here!

Wollman Rink/Victorian Gardens
Wollman Rink is one of the biggest open air ice skating places in New York which is replaced by amusement park - Victorian Gardens - in Spring and Summer Time. You can recognize this place from Serendipity, Love Story and Home Alone 2. Great place to see with kids.