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Central Park Sights : Bethesda Fountain

Each and every day we witness thousands of people visiting the Central Park here in New York City. This is because of the fact that it is made up of many attractions and events to take part in. One of such fabulous attractions is the Bethesda Fountain which has gained national acclaim. Let us therefore take a closer look at some of the vital things relating to this important tourist structure. You would be able to locate this magnificent structure at Mid-Park at the 72nd Street In the city of New York.
The Bethesda Fountain is a fabulously important point of your favorite Bethesda Terrace. Indeed it is part of the finest and biggest of fountains ever to be found in the state of New York. In terms of measurement it is 26 feet high with a width of 96 feet. Surely people see at as the finest of fountains ever while the statue found at the center was known to be the sole sculpture to be commissioned together with the original design of the Central Park. Surely this is a neoclassical sculptural piece that is also called the Angel of Waters. Characteristically it comes with an 8 foot angel made of bronze which is standing at the top of 4 small cherubim that stand for peace, temperance, purity and health. It would interest you to know that the angel as well has one lily in one hand and an outstretched arm at the other. Indeed the statue is known to be one of the few ones that flow with crystal pure water that is fresh. At the bottom part of the fountain would be a basin where the water continuously pours into daily. It is important to note that this magnificent edifice was carved out by the enigmatic Emma Stebbins in the year 1868 and was then dedicated in the year 1873. This was the point at which Stebbins then became the very first female to receive any award for a great work in the New York City.  It is said that Stebbins actually connected the pure new city water that flows from this fountain to biblical pool healing powers. This was quoted in the book of John Chapter 5 in the Bible. This is a scripture passage that equally talks about the healing powers of the Pool of Bethesda and how it is able to heal the sick and paralyzed.
The good thing about this place is the fact that no matter where you are coming from there is a wide range of transportation options to choose from. For those who are coming from a far away place or another country coming by air is very much possible. Also you can choose to make use of the road or rail means of transportation in order to get to the Bethesda Fountain. Indeed this is a place that is very much open to adults as well as children. For the kids they would learn so much as to incorporate it in their studies.
If you are coming from a far away place there is the need to make adequate advance preparations before getting to this part of New York City. Just near the Central Park where this fountain is there is some accommodation facilities where you can easily choose to settle down during your stay. For some you would have to make advance booking because of the he numbers that flock this place day in day out. You would be able to make the bookings online and make payments right there using any of the secured electronic payment platforms.