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Central Park Sights : Belvedere Castle

When you get to New York City, one of the finest of attractions here is the Central Park. Here we have the Belvedere Castle which is very much ancient in origin. It means ‘beautiful view’ and provides just what the name implies. Basically there are two balconies which offer very great views of the fabulous Central Park with all its fantastic landmarks. These would include the Ramble, Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn and the Delacorte Theater.


The Belvedere Castle in Central Park New York was first designed by Jacod Wrey Mould and Calvert Vaux. This was proposed to be a sort of Victorian Folly. Indeed it is a fabulous structure that offers a great view and backdrop without much purpose. It comes with a strong fa├žade, flag and big turret making it a very fantastic appeal in New York’s Central Park. It would interest you to know that all of this changed in the year 1919 when measurements began to be taken from the tower of this castle with scientific tools. These were done by the National Weather Service in order to determine direction and speed. These days, it is still been used to measure rainfall among other things.


In fact over the years that have passed, the castle has suffered from decay and there was some renovation done for the reopening of the structure. Now it serves the purposes of Henry Luce Fine Nature Observatory such that all visitors would see a wide collection of artifacts that are natural. These would include papier mache birds and skeletons among others. You would be able to use telescopes and microscopes here for some insight into the world. There are different kinds of maps, reference materials, binoculars and other accessories to make observations. Moreover this castle is a very good place for bird watchers as you catch glimpses of the osprey, kestrel and hawk.


All through the year there are different kinds of community and free family programs that are organized at the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. These would include things like storytelling, a troubled castle event each and every Halloween, astronomy talks and even ‘On A Wing’ birding events. The castle is always open from Tuesday to Sunday and from 10 – 5pm. The good thing here is that they do not charge too much if you want to enter. You would surely make the most of your leisure time spend at this part of New York City.


If you are really interested in getting to the Belvedere Castle here in New York City, there is the need to prepare yourself adequately. This is especially the case when you are travelling from a far away place or another country. Indeed if you are from another place you may have to do an advance booking for an accommodation facility before getting here. However if you wish to return the same day after the visit to the Castle, it is still possible. You should always take note of the fact that each and everyday this tourist attraction receives hundreds of visitors. Therefore this should be incorporated well in your plans as you visit here.


It would interest you to know that this place is very much recommended for children as well as the adults. For the children it is a great place to learn a bit about the history of the Castle which would help them in their history class. The good thing about this place is that getting here is quite easy. There are a host of transportation options available to choose from. You can use the rail, road or even choose to fly by air.